Why is Racism Against Caucasians Acceptable? By David Woolf

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When someone says the word racism what is the first thing that comes to mind? Images of slavery, segregation, and The Ku Klux Klan ring all to true. The Holocaust, the extermination of the Native Americans, and even the story of Christ remind us of 2000 years of the most despicable side of inhumanity. What do all these events have in common? I am blamed on a daily basis for all of them.

When I first started High School, I was largely unaware of the racism that exists against white people. Maybe I hadn't ever seen it before or maybe I was wrapped up in my innocence but after a week of High school, I thought my name was "White Boy". Even now at least 10 times a day, I hear, "Hey, shut up white boy" or "Move gringo" and if they find out I'm Jewish, its a barrage of "Why did you have to kill Jesus" or "Why do you still complain about Holocaust" or sometimes it's simply an "F-ing Jew" kind of day.

There is a double standard however, were I to use racial slurs I would be the one to get in trouble.

High school to some extent emulates society. For example: only a week after a debate in the United States Senate about Senator Ted Kennedy's Hate Crime Bill, a real hate crime actually took place in New York City, but many senators along most Americans never heard about it. The New York Times headline read, "Man Shoots Three in Rampage in East Village". "Hate" is not mentioned because the culprit was "...a black man,[who,] as the police said, told investigators, that he was bent on killing as many white people as he could..." Seemingly if a black man, driven by hatred of white people commits...