Why a Raptor 350 is better than a 400EX

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Every year hundreds of people buy ATV's. I myself am an ATV enthusiast. With so many ATV's out there it may be hard to know which one is right for you. Most people will buy either a Yamaha or a Honda. If you are a beginner you might buy a Yamaha Blaster or a Honda 300EX. If you are a motocross racer or you are a professional you may buy a Yamaha YFZ 450 or a Honda 450R. In the middle, between beginner and professional quads, there are mid-sized quads such as the Raptor 350 and the Honda Sportrax 400EX. If you are interested in either of these quads you should read this, it may help you choose. I personally believe that the mid-sized Raptor 350 is better than the 400EX.

My first reason for believing that the Yamaha YMF Raptor 350 is better than the Sportrax 400EX is handling.

"The Raptor is set up great for cornering." (Dirt Wheels Magazine 67) Dirt Wheels is a magazine that compared the Raptor and the 400EX. Popular opinion also suggests that the 350 has been known to handle better Flyin'350.com. I have ridden both machines and I believe that the Raptor steers more easily and corners faster.

My second reason to buy the Raptor is the features that you get with it. The Raptor has a six-speed transmission (Yamaha-motor.com), the 400EX has five gears. (Hondamotorcycles.com) The Raptor has been known to handle better. Another feature is looks. "One advantage the Raptor has is looks." (Dirt Wheels Magazine 66) In popular opinion the Raptor has been known to be more reliable and runs better in cold weather (Flyin'350.com).

Finally, my last reason to buy the Raptor over the 400EX is price. The Raptor goes for $4,999-5,199 MSRP. (Yamaha-motor.com) the 400EX...