Why Ride When You Can Walk

Essay by super_unknown_star April 2005

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When I first entered the KAAU, King Abdul-Aziz University, I used to get tired of walking from building to another; but after a while I get used of it and I even liked it because I realized that it's the only place I can walk freely in it. Meanwhile, the distance between buildings and the hot sun never helped my friends to stop complaining about them. The complaining of my friends and other students made the university administration came up with the new idea of the campus cabs. However, there were different attitude toward these taxis. Some of the students love the idea of it, others hate it and some don't like it nor dislike it.

The girls who love this idea like it for comfortable, time terseness and emergency cases. The cabs are considering a comfortable way to transform. My friend Shima'a says "they help me when I have a class in a remote building and I'm carrying some heavy books".

They are also a short cut in time and space. A girl named Noah explains that sometimes she have to run to classes because she doesn't have time; but thanks to the taxis she doesn't have to run anymore. They are a great ideal for emergencies. Amal (was a pregnant student) says that they helped her a lot during her pregnancy, especially her last couple of months.

In the other hand, there are kinds of girls that in the middle; they don't like it nor dislike it. They laugh and giggle at the girls who ride them and even make fun of their friends who ride them. They think they are silly things to use and ride. Reem says "they aren't cool and they look funny to me"

The third kind are the girls who...