Why Shakespeare is a genius.

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William Shakespeare is considered the greatest dramatist and poet the world has ever known. A natural poet whose work will last as long as nature because they are a copy of the indestructible forms of nature. The power of his work is centered in the understanding of human soul and the power of nature over him. In this paper, I intend to discuss some of the most influent facts that made William Shakespeare a genius. Among these facts I will include his life, the time in which he lived and his education. As well as a critical analysis of the way he wrote and the characteristics that made him a genius.


William Shakespeare was born in April of 15641. Shakespeare's baptismal date was April 26, 1564. Shakespeare was born in the village of Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire. At the time of his birth, the village had a population of 1500 people, and only 200 houses.

Shakespeare's father, John Shakespeare, came from a family of yeomen, and he gained many prestigious positions in the community. Shakespeare's mother, Mary Arden, came from an ancient family of landed gentry. The whole family was Anglican 2. The family's financial situation was well off. This economic comfort helped Shakespeare to concentrate in his education instead of being worried about surviving. A principal advantage of many geniuses is that they have time to study and think about their work. Shakespeare as the son of a yeoman had most of its time free and therefore he could perfect its writing. Not much information is known about Shakespeare's youth, although undoubtedly he was educated in the local school, where he studied Latin and Greek 3, among other subjects, during a school day that often lasted from dawn to dusk. Shakespeare's first exposure to the theater probably...