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Keeping pets at home has several benefits. First, keeping pets is a great way to improve your mood and temperament. Research has shown that sick people who keep a pet have lesser chances of depression than ones don't. Moreover, keeping a pet help to control blood pressure, reduce stress and have a long life. Health experts say that dog owners have less blood pressure and heart rates. This eventually reduces the need to take medicine, reduce cholesterol

and triglyceride levels. In addition, playing with pets can help people to relieve from stress and depression. As a result, pets owners will live longer than people who don't. Beside, pet is an antidote for loneliness and a source of exercise. Pets give you unconditional love and always faithful. No matter how low or lonely you keep, a pet will always aside you. You can pour your heart out to them or tell them your secrets, because you know they will never reveal anything.

More than that, dogs can be great sport companions and will happily go out for walks; other activities related to pets like feeding, bathing, playing and cleaning are also good ways to exercise, to burn excess energy. Finally, pets can help you to improve your social skill and keep you safety. People who keep pets are said to be good in their social relations. Researches show that kids who grow up with pets at home are always respectful toward living things. Further more, no burglar alarm can be better than a dog at home because he is double up as a caretaker. You can count on him and sleep tight at night. For those reasons above, people should keep a pet to have a long, healthy, safty and happy life.