Why smokeing should be 100% banned

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More than ¼ of the earth's human population dies or suffers from smoking or from second hand smoke. I believe that all public places should be 100% smoke free. This would include; malls, stores, restaurants, bars, and pubs, generally any place accessible to the public.

When most people step into a bar they get a sudden revolting smell of smoke zoom towards them. Wouldn't it be nice to go somewhere where this issue isn't a problem and your health isn't being risked in the process?

Everybody gets drilled and nagged by there parents, teachers, and other respectable adults about the arms of smoking and the danger they are putting themselves in. Yet in most cases they are not fully aware of the dangers they are putting others in, by smoking in a public place where there are people.

Just picture yourself at a wedding, where there are a large number of guests, some of which are pregnant or others with breathing and lung problems.

Yet there is no smoking ban in the physicality where the wedding is being held and celebrated. Obviously this is terrible and very wrong. Smoking in this public place would harm everyone attending the wedding by second hand smoke. Not including the people who are pregnant or got breathing/lung problems, these people could suffer birth defects or even die. This is just a very important reason why all public places should be 100% smoke free.

Also what do u think of a very fancy restaurant or building looks like with 5 or more people outside/inside smoking. I'll tell you, it looks horrible. It makes the building and business look bad and uninteresting. Such problems occur with family restaurants. a lot of people aren't going to want to enter a smoke filled restaurant to enjoy there...