Why Socialism?

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The question of whether or not I agree with Albert Einstein's comments on socialism is difficult to answer with a direct yes or no. Although he makes many valid points in his excerpt, I don't think that socialism could survive in our society. In an ideal world, there would be an even balance of the positive aspects from both socialism and capitalism. As Macionis states in the book, "Comparing economic models is difficult because all countries mix capitalism and socialism to varying degrees."

I agree with Einstein's comment about a worker's payment not being equal to his work. If it was, then teachers would be making what professional ball players make while teachers' salaries would be given to the players. Yet, who should be in charge of making such decisions? The purpose of work under a socialist rule would be entirely different. Under capitalism, much of the work done is the work required by capitalism in order to perpetuate its own existence.

In socialism, the only work that would need to be done would be that for directly meeting human needs. Producing for needs means that people would engage in work that has a direct usefulness. The satisfaction that this would provide, along with the increased opportunity to shape working patterns and conditions, would possibly bring about new attitudes to work

On the other hand, people are greedy. Yes, we could live in a society of equality but for how long? Eventually somebody would snap and want more than what everyone else has in order to stand out. In a capitalist society, the people who benefit from production are the corporate business owners, not the people producing the goods and services. The idea behind capitalism is having the freedom to pursue your own goals and desires. Not everyone wants...