Why Some Women Remain with Their Abusive Husbands?

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Women do not have the courage to leave their abusive husbands, they fear about their future. From the outside, it looks so easy. Just pack up and leave. Yet this is not what typically happens. Women tend to stay with their abusive husbands. Some stay only a short while, but others remain in abusive situations for years. Why? Some women do not think they deserve anything better, they believe it is their duty to stay. Even worse, few women believe that it is their fault that their husbands abuse them. Several women think they cannot make it financially, and they lack a supportive network.

Many people say that abusers need therapy. However, no one knows if therapy really works. Nevertheless, therapy gives last hope to abusive women. They think that maybe their abusive husbands will change in a good way, but usually their hopes are not fulfilled. If you have children, it makes the problem even worse.

Every woman would ask her-self questions like, "What if my husband would not let me take the children with me?" or, "If I leave and take the children with me, will I be able to support them and my-self financially?" All this questions and pressure from husbands makes women even more confused. Moreover, eventually they close up and stay quiet, letting their husbands abuse them more. I think that every abused woman should try to find courage to leave. If your husband battered you ones, he will do it again. Women do not deserve to be treated badly.