Why student athletes have become violently competitve. A Cause and Effect essay. Essay has factual evidence & reference to support.

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Why Student Athletes Have Become Violently Competitive?

Like father, like son, some say. During a boys junior high basketball game, Johnny deliberately trips an opponent to get the upper hand on a defensive situation. He receives a foul, and shouts, snickers, and obscenities can be heard from the crowd. What has made little Johnny and his teammates become so fiercely competitive? Could it be from the extreme expectations of the hard-core coach, the unforgiving competitiveness of the other players, their fathers' efforts to spawn and bring up a super athlete, or maybe it's the pull society has brought to young people. Today, kids generally see the world as a place wanting dominance. For adolescent boys that could be in athletics, social status, academics, and for just plane mean, tough guys.

Recently the news has seen an increase in violence in school sports, from parents! It's true, parents becoming so involved and excited in school sports as to curse at officials, other players, and even physically start fighting.

In one incident of a Boston suburb, a father beat another father to death over a kids' pick up hockey game. Actions like these have branded children with violence in competition. Children have come to see it as a way to resolve differences, gain status, and become a ferocious and respected player.

After the game Johnny's Dad will likely tell him he played good and the officials had made a bogus call on the foul. This is an example of how situations like these can become praises for rough housing. Johnny now thinks his father likes him to be a rough tough dude. Johnny will likely be seen getting unnecessarily physical in competitive situations. This may leak into other situations as well. The next time Johnny has a confrontation in school or on...