Why Students Should Study Biology: The Sacred Balance

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Why Students Should Study Biology: The Sacred Balance Rediscovering Our Place in Nature There are four basic ways of looking at the relationship between humans and the rest of the organisms on the planet Earth. The first way is to fear the other creatures that share the Earth with humans. Then as human's power grew and grew, humans thought of the other animals as their property and theirs alone. This idea led to the extinction and endangerment of many animals. The most recent way of looking at this relationship says that humans are evil, foul, and murderous. This view says that Earth would be better off with out humans. Only lately have humans begun to see a new view of life.

Since there is reasonable evidence that humans evolved, someone must ask, are humans that different from mammals? Can't humans learn from them? And where humans differ, can't that teach mankind? Murder, rape, and the worst types of mental illness have been found now in animals.

Brainpower exaggerates this, but it is not the root cause. It is ignorance.

It is this same ignorance that has left humans with few options concerning the environment. The book by David Suzuki: The Sacred Balance, is a perfect example of why humans should keep Earth all in one piece. The introduction to the book is so powerful, that it should compel every person to study biology in order to understand what is happening today. It talks about a conference held on November18, 1992. This conference took place at Earth Summit in Rio. It was the largest gathering of heads of state, in history. They created a document that was entitled, World Scientists' Warning to Humanity. Over sixteen hundred senior scientists from seventy-one different countries signed the document. This included over...