Why the Sun and Moon Revolve Around the Earth and Why Seasons Occur

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Why the Sun and Moon Revolve Around the Earth and Why Seasons Occur

One day, Sirius, god and heart of the sun, was feeling tired and decided to let his daughter run the sun for a little while. Sirius's daughter, Archoness was a very irresponsible and unreliable goddess. Archoness accepted the invitation gladly and started her job. Within minutes she got too far from the earth and started an ice age. Once Sirius found out, he hurried back to the sun and quickly took over the sun. To fix this ice age, Sirius would have to try extra hard and take the sun back on its course. He figured that the dinosaurs would die by that time, so he was furious. Sirius took all the jewels from Archoness and turned her into a disc-like stone with wings. He then cast this stone parallel to the earth. Archoness, being extremely sorry about her mistake wanted to apologize.

Once, Archoness orbited around Earth, Sirius turned the sun to the opposite side, so he would not see her. Archoness flapped her new wings and gained speed around the earth, but every time she got close to him, Sirius backed away and went to the other side. Sometimes, Archoness crashed into a meteor or another stone that set her behind in the chase. Her mother Lunaretic was the goddess of the moon. Lunaretic followed above Archoness and lit her way so she wouldn't hurt herself. Every time the weather is dark, it means Archoness is near and you could probably see Lunaretic. When you see a shooting star, it means that you have seen Archoness fly past you in space. When it is light outside, you will not see Lunaretic or Archoness. You will only see Sirius staying away from Archoness.