Why tampering with our genetics will be beneficial

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For some, tampering with our DNA to improve humanity is a worthy goal. Others view it as morally incorrect. I feel that we should be allowed to tamper with our DNA becuase it would truly benefit the human race when we make our children stronger, smarter, and taller. It is our path to human perfection. Imagine a world where people are resistant to cystic fibrosis, fragile-X syndrome, and other devastating genetic diseases. Or where people can live as long as they want to. It's effect may not be felt within the first few decades, but in a few hundred/thousand years the human race can become much more smarter and efficient, as compared to millions of years of natural evolution. To not tamper with our DNA is like to not tamper with science. It is like to not wanting to experiment with the unknown. It is like not wanting to explore past our boundries.

And if we never wanted to explore our boundries, then we would not have ever advanced in this world. We would of had never gotten to where we are today in terms of knowledge and awareness.

If we could tamper with our own DNA, then we could tamper with ever single cycle of human life. We could be able to delay the aging process to 10, 50, or maybe even a hundred years. Or maybe the DNA sequence that controls the aging process can be removed completely, and humans would be literally living on a plateau of immortality. Imagine humans living up to 500, with an IQ of twice that, and still look 25. Wouldn't that be useful? Millions of years of evolution in just a few decades. We would be able to accomplish things that man would never even have dreamed of. Unlock secrets of...