Why teams dont work

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I. Introduction: I undertook this study to prove the legendary story about the Camelot…An historic example of team, effort gone awry. In the legendary story, a few events transformed Camelot from a utopia kingdom into wasteland. This isn't just idle meandering. There are corporate Camelot's, too, (such as my company MobileComm); those companies that started with such promise and fell victim to problems in their teamwork concepts. It is clear to see that team-based systems simply don't work; better controls equals better management. An emphasis on separating workers into specifically defined jobs, having centralized management control, and maintaining a structured chain of command contributes to a much better and more effective workplace situation. It makes more sense, therefore, to stick to traditional structures in the workplace.

II. Review Of Literature 1. Blair, Gerard. Groups That Work, www.ee.ed.ac.uk/~gerad/Management/art0 (1998). The effectiveness of the team takes a nosedive, and the productiveness of the team is far less than the individual could have achieved had they not brought together.

2. Blair, Gerard. "How to Build Quality into your Team" IEE Engineering Management Journal, (1996). There are certain frameworks within which teams attempt to work. It's the inability to function within these 'frames' that in another disadvantage to teamwork. The "forming stage" is when first comes together. Everyone is considered and civil, and allows for everyone to participate. Discussion is slow and guarded since no one wishes to be seen as conflict. Even though it is not verbalized, it's always destructive.

3. Davidmann, Manfred. Style of Management and Leadership, (1982). Business experts have to work together to achieve their goals, and discord in one area can inconvenience many people. It is essential. Therefore, that people cooperate with each other-but organization is the more difficult it is to achieve the necessary degree of cooperation. Larger...