Why Tennessee should have a lottery to fund student's education

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Students Win with the Lottery

Tennessee has a serious budget problem, and the students' education is suffering more than any other group. Education has taken major financial cuts. Some school systems in the state of Tennessee had to delay their academic school year because there was no money in the budget to run the school. College aged students were not able to attend school because there was no funds for scholarships. I thought that I had to sit out this semester because there was no money for the scholarship program. I had to wait till after the budget crisis and government shut down were over before I knew if I would be able to attend. Tennessee needs a lottery to ensure that the schools will be funded.

The proposed lottery will be modeled after Georgia's lottery. "Georgia's lottery is unique in that revenues are earmarked for three education programs- HOPE College Scholarships, universal pre-kindergarten, and education infrastructure" (Rubenstein & Scafidi, Who Pays and Who Benefits?) Georgia has a scholarship program which provides funding for all public schools, including state colleges and universities.

The scholarship program is called HOPE (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally).This program is primary for college scholarships and public pre-kindergarten. Any left over revenue from the lottery goes for kindergarten through twelfth grade spending. Tennessee would benefit greatly from a similar program, revenue from a lottery could go to under-paid teachers, out-dated books and dilapidated facilities.

Tennessee actually plans to use the revenues to support Kindergarten through Twelfth grade. Teachers now have to spend their own money to fund school classrooms decorations and supplies. How can teachers be expected to support a classroom full of children and be able to keep a household. When my mother was a teacher she bought supplies for her classroom, but she was always...