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The czech army consisted of prisoners and deserters from the Austria-Hungarian empire from the provinces of Bohemia and Slovakia. The Tsar gave his consent to set up a national force which they became to fight against Austria-hungary in the summer of 1916 with their leader called Tomas Masaryk. When Masaryk noticed that Lenin was making peace with the central forces, and lenin refused to let them fight against the western forces, he decided to move the czech to France to rejoin the fighting. In may 1918, a group of the czech soldiers were falsely accused1 of killing a man in chelyabinsk and one soldier was shot for throwing "something"2 at the train. The remainder went straight into town and rescued their comrades from the local red guards. After Leon Trotsky heard this, he ordered that the czech army be disarmed. They responded by joining the war against the "reds" and they were quite successful as they took over most of the land and even joined a Japanese army in vladivostok.

There was also quite a number of people whom opposed the bolsheviks party for various reasons. The workers wanted from the party what they had promised at the beginning; they wanted equalistic wages, Russia to be ruled by trade unions,free distribution of food and so on. Those opposed the bolsheviks included the social revolutionaries, although they were separated in 1917 it was the monirity that supported the bolsheviks and the rest were angered at the fact that Lenin had allowed the elections for a constituent assembly which the social revolutionaries won most of the seats, and then cancelled it and had any opposition killed. Others, were factory owners who didn't want the factories to be nationalised, the orthodox church who were against the atheist beliefs of the communist party...