Why I think that Mark Twain is the greatest author of his time

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In the book Huck Finn, Mark Twain not only writes about the adventures of a

young boy, he depicts the struggle that people had to go through in that time period.

That is just one of the reasons why some people consider Mark Twain to be the

greatest American author of all time.

As I was reading the book Huck Finn I started to agree more with what

Mencken had to say 'Put him beside Emerson, or Whitman, or Hawthorne, or even

Poe; he was palpably the superior of all of them'. I could really relate to lots of the

ideas and emotions that sprang into Tom and Huck's heads at the time. In Huck Finn ,

Tom gets a group of boys together to form a little club. When I was younger I would do

the same thing with friends of mine. We would act out our fantasies just like Tom and

Huck did in the story.

All of Huck's life he was able to live it the way that he wanted,

until he had to move in with Miss Watson. But as you read you find out that every

minute he is away from her he is up to his old tricks again. From going out to having a

smoke with Tom, or messing up his hair so he could feel at home. You can see that he

is still a little boy inside who isn't ready to grow up.

Tom Sawyer is one of those type of friends that everybody has, crazy enough to

get everybody's attention but smart enough to know when to stop. I read some of the

things that Tom had done in the book and some of the lies he would tell and I thought

'man he is crazy for doing that'...