"Why the topic of abortion is intersting and my argument against it" q1:why it's interesting q2:my argument q3:actions that could make a difference

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One of the most fundamental choices in life is whether a couple wants to have children. This choice forces many females who are not ready to have children to face the decision of abortion. Abortion is an interesting topic because it involves consequences that are social, religious, political, legal, and biological in nature. On a personal level, many cultures and families frown on a woman having an abortion. In fact, many religions forbid abortion (e.g., Catholicism). Certain citizens vote for political candidates because of their stand on abortion and all states regulate abortion. Biologically, the pregnant woman is having something physically ripped/sucked out of her body. Furthermore, I find abortion interesting because it relates to the decision of having protected sex (e.g., using condoms or the pill). A couple who does not believe in abortion will be more likely to have protected sex or have intercourse at certain times in the ovulation cycle.

Moreover, abortion influences parenting. For example, if a mother decides to keep her newborn but the father disagrees strongly, then this may effect how the father raises the child. He is liable to have some form of resentment and he might have nothing to do with the upbringing of the child. All of the above make the topic of abortion interesting to me.

Abortion affects numerous people. It of course affects the parents. In addition, it affects family members and close friends. In many cases where abortion is not chosen, the parents are too dependant upon their full-time jobs to devote the necessary time to raising a child. Therefore, when they are at work they drop the child off at a family member's or a friend's residence.

Abortion also affects me personally. When I make the decision to have sexual relations with a woman, I want to...