Why is the U.S. really considering waging "pre-emptive" war on Iraq? Is it really the solution? Do you think that it is really terrorism that we are after?

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War, contrary to accepted belief, is perfectly natural in a society whose advances are limited to its technology. The basic behavior of the modern human is hardly different from that of their primitive ancestors. Whether in a suit, or in a loincloth, people are ignorant little thorns cutting into one another, incapable of advancing beyond the violent tendencies which, at one time, were necessary for survival. The propaganda of war as a means to peace is laughable. I'm sure that if you searched into the existence of some of these institutions, you would find out that they, themselves, were the cause of their very end. In those cases the so-called "victim", at some earlier time, played some part in the creation of their "killer." The U.S. Government may be leading itself towards its own demise by merely considering pre-emptive attacks on Iraq.

Going to war, which means asking other peoples' sons and daughters to be prepared to kill and be killed and unleashing death and destruction on human beings, is a serious business.

Real people and real resources are destroyed. It should be entered into with utmost seriousness, and only if it is fully justified by the situation at hand. Pre-emptive war is justified by an imminent threat of attack, a clear and present danger that the country in question is about to attack. The U.S. government wants to attack Iraq to prevent or neutralize a potential future threat; that's very different from an imminent threat. There is the possibility that at some time in the future that Saddam Hussein might have enough weapons to arm terrorists or to attack his neighbors. If the criteria for such a war were simply that a country be dictatorial and have weapons of mass destruction, the world does not lack for candidates, including...