Why are veterans special?

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What Makes Veterans Special

Why are Veterans special? They are still mere human beings susceptible to disease, famine, and even death. So, what makes them special? Could it be their valiant efforts to keep our nation free, free from tyranny, free from opposition from other countries, which starve their people, and kill off millions more just because of what one man or group of people said? Or, could it be that each one of them has risked his or her lives to save our country, one man trying to make a difference in a world with over six billion people in it. To me, veterans are special because they not only do what is listed above, but a huge collage of different reasons.

Veterans willingly have gone into battle to face the hardships of war, to be possibly infected with hundreds of different types of diseases, face the risk of being fired upon almost every hour of the day, every day of the week.

It takes more than just a little courage to be able to stay in a place where not only would one have to watch out for bullets and bombs, but also for the rats that scurried along the trenches where our veterans spent their whole day and night.

Some of the veterans may not have known what they were getting themselves into; they might have figured that since they are from America that they would only be in enemy territory for a short time, and would be home in a few weeks. Others saw what the wars had done to the people before them and still chose to go into battle. Many soldiers have been wounded in battles, and some of the ones who made it through, and still were able to function with a semi-normal...