Why I want to be a Teacher

Essay by Cassie18 April 2004

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I couldn't imagine life with out being in a school. They say I'm too shy to be a teacher, to depressed, and having social anxiety isn't going to help either. But I know that there is nothing else in this world that I would want, or could do, than to teach. I may not have a family member that has taught, I may not have all the intelligence, and I might not be much of a leader. But I have my own, just as important reasons.

I had a real rough childhood. My father is an alcoholic, and wasn't much of a parent. Between six years of physical and one year of sexual abuse, I would find solitude at school; school was my real home. And I believe that there are kids in schools that are having the same things done to them that I was. I went years and years with no one knowing, I would have loved for a teacher to find out, and helped sooner then a year before I graduated.

I want them to be able to confide in me, and know that I understand where they are coming from.

I always have loved school and all the teachers, they were my parents. And deep down inside I always wanted to be a teacher, but it was never final. My junior year in high school, things weren't any better. Along with caring for my little sister, my fathers and I situation had worsen. I wrote a personality paper in my psychology class, that spoke about my father and of me caring for my little sister on my own. The teacher, Mr. Dennis confronted me on it, and has helped me through it the past 2 years. Last year in the middle of my...