Why we must clean up air pollution, and not wait to evolve special lungs.

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Answer this question: We do not need to worry about air pollution as humans will evolve lungs to detoxify the air we breathe.

Air pollution is a major concern to humans as well as all living creatures on planet earth. All people need to consider things like CDC's, smog, acid rain, and many human activities that produce negative polluting effects such as the green house effect and holes in the ozone, dirty water. Burning fuel to produce energy causes particle pollution, 'black carbon pollution'. This results in very small particles being released into the air we breathe.

The releases of noxious gases produce smog and acid rain. These different pollutants are very harmful to the humans, plants, and animals exposed to them. The degree of harm is directly related to the amount of exposure, and how concentrated the chemicals are. The dangers range from eye, throat, nose irritation, allergies, upset stomachs, headaches, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

In the year 1952 in London 4,000 people died in only a matter of days, this is called the "Great Smog disaster". More serious health effects include conditions such as heart and chronic respiratory disease, damage to liver, kidneys, brain, and nervous system, and lung cancer. Polluted air has been shown to increase strokes. Air pollution is fast acting when you consider the short term and long term effects. If humans could eventually develop 'super lungs' they can not possibly evolve them in time to save themselves. What would be left of the planet would be hideous, when the factors of devastation on the environment such as plants, water, and animals are factored in. There would be nothing of any real value or beauty left on this planet. The theory of evolution states that evolution took place over many millions of years. Air pollution...