Why we should go to war with Iraq!

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To those who believe President Bush is a warmonger, singling-out North Korea and Iraq for his own self-serving political agenda; to those who believe that we should "give peace a chance"; I have but one thing to say: "WAKE UP!"

What did you expect the United States to do after the twin towers and Pentagon were attacked? Write up a treaty for the Taliban? Beg bin Laden for mercy? The fact is that terrorists and the countries that support them, will not abide by political documents.

When al-Qaeda murdered our citizens with no remorse, it was a reminder that diplomacy only works for countries... countries that are willing to change.

Terrorists have no regard for our lives (or theirs). If you think that our government doesn't consider the ramifications of the use of force, you don't realize what we're truly fighting for. It's freedom, not oil.

Listen for a second.

What do you hear? Explosions? No. When was the last time your city was bombed? When was the last time that you had to fear for your life? The U.S. projects its political power through force to protect you here at home, so your life isn't full of tragedy.

Fighting fire with fire -- suppressing killing with more killing -- may seem immoral, but those who have compromised our lives obviously are not moral beings. Besides, what's immoral about protecting ourselves?

To say that war does no good is to negate the very reason that thousands have died in the past. Those who fought for this country's freedoms had so much faith in this nation; they put you and your family and the future of America before their own lives.

You may think that the solution is simple, that we can keep peace by being a global recluse. But...