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A Fisher College marketing graduate is launching his second business this summer - the new Four Columbus Magazine.

The approximately 4 x 5.5-inch, four-color magazine will feature fundamentals, innovation, personalities, and entertainment in Columbus. Among the stories in the first issue is a profile of Martin Sheen, who plays the president of the United States in the popular television drama, West Wing.

"Each issue will focus on one theme," said Chris Hunter, director of marketing and promotions and one of the founders of the new publication. "Our first theme is America." Hunter, who earned his bachelor's degree in marketing this spring from Fisher College, is launching the magazine with Chris Kolaskos and Brad McMahon, both Ohio State University alumni.

"We came up with the idea while traveling to other cities," he said. Many major cities have such quarter-size magazines available for free, promoting local entertainment. "We thought the idea was good, but for Columbus, we wanted to incorporate more than entertainment alone," he said.

Hunter fine-tuned his plans for the magazine during an independent study with Neeli Bendapudi, assistant professor of marketing, in his last quarter at Fisher College. He will be printing 25,000 copies of the first issue, to be distributed free of charge at restaurants and other sites throughout the city beginning mid-June.

Four Columbus is using freelancers for all its stories and has outsourced its print and web design work. Radialstudios designed the web site, www.fourmagazine.com, and Fastrack, a division of Streamline, is working on the print design. Both are Columbus firms.

This is Hunter's second business. The 23-year-old started his first business, Phusion Projects, a special events, nightclub and lounge promotions company, 2000.

The new publisher, a native of Austintown, Ohio, said his undergraduate business studies helped him focus his interest in developing business ideas.