Why would you like or dislike owning your own business?

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As the daughter of a successful entrepreneur I have seen the many ups and downs that come with owning a business. I have experienced both the gains and the losses. Personally, I would not mind owning my own business because I would get to be my own boss and as a sole-proprietor I would gain the advantage of not having to share my profit with anyone.

The concept of being my own boss is very enlightening to me. Throughout life I have worked with my father in his various offices and only he has been my boss, therefore, I am not accustomed to someone other than my father giving me orders. I am good at working with people but I probably would not be good working for people. Owning my own business would allow people to work for me. As an egotistical factor, I enjoy being in charge of everything.

Another reason that I would like to own my own business is the various advantages that come with it. As a sole-proprietor I would gain all of the profit made but if I were to be in a partnership I would have to share my profit with another person. I see this as a major advantage over everything else. Also as a sole-proprietor I would not have to pay a lot of the taxes that other businesses have to pay, therefore I get to keep most of my earnings to myself.

In conclusion, I would like owning my own business. Although I have seen the advantages and disadvantages, I know that I would gain more than I would lose. As a business owner I would be my own boss and I could take charge of everything that had to do with my business. Also, I would be able to...