"Why Write?" A question answered in a personal way.

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The Basic ABC's-Dolphins, Earthquakes, and Horses

As long as I can remember, I've loved to read. Almost as long as that, I've loved to write. There was always a connection between my developing as a reader, and developing as a writer.

I know that I learned to read earlier than usual, because I remember that my teacher, Mrs. Lim, disliked the fact that I would, "upset" the other students. Being taught to write cursive was also a problem with my second grade teacher, Mrs. Van-Dyke. My mom had taught me how to write my name in cursive, and, as a result, the students passing out papers wouldn't be able to read my name. I was sent home with a note. Spelling always came easy to me due to the books that I read. I had an extensive vocabulary for the age that I was at, and although what I wrote as a result doesn't seem that great for a 16-year-old, was in fact wonderful for an eight-year-old.

Even at age seven, I read westerns, and I inspired myself to write my own western. I took a yellow pad of paper, and slowly began writing my own saga. About twenty-five pages later, or the equivalent of a couple of months, I had to begin school. I didn't work on it since, and sadly, don't remember what my small, yet creative mind was concocting.

Whenever I could I would read, and whenever I could get my hands on the family type-writer I practiced my typing. I started off with the basic ABC's. As my skill as a proficient type-writer improved I started to type-write short stories. I wrote short stories about dolphins, earthquakes, horses, and just about everything else I had read about.

As I got older, I...