Why Yale?

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Yale is the perfect place to hone my skill in oration - a necessary attribute to effectively lead a group or team in the professional community. To overcome my shyness in a new country, I joined debate to build my self-confidence and to become more comfortable speaking English. Within a year, I became a seasoned public speaker who competed successfully in international competitions. Last summer, my team placed third out of 125 competing teams at Rutger University's Debate Program. I was also one of thirty accepted to Duke University's selective "Oration Lab" program for advanced debaters.

I regularly use my speaking skills to benefit others. Since tenth grade, I have worked as a volunteer English tutor at a non-profit daycare center in downtown Beijing. I hope to bring this same enthusiasm to Yale's "Speakfest", which organizes debates in disadvantaged communities in Connecticut. In addition, I plan to augment my own skills by joining Yale's world renowned debate team.

To prepare for a career in international relations, I need to develop a solid background in languages, diplomacy, history and communications. I need an educational environment with a focus on diversity and high achievement. I need a place to hone my debate skills, where I can use my talents to help others. I need Yale.