Why in the year 2005 do we still have child abuse?

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In the year 2002, 2.6 million children were abused and an estimated 1400 were killed from neglect or abuse (Ianelli). Doctor Jim Hopper says, "Child abuse can lead to a world of disaster" (Hopper). Child abuse has reduced some, but not nearly to what it should be. The five major reasons that child abuse goes noticed is: parents losing control when using alcohol or other drugs; they are unaware how to discipline their children; they lose their temper over personal issues, financial problems, or they were abused as a child.

Alcohol leads to child abuse because it impairs a person's judgment, so a parent really does not know what they may be doing. When a person is drunk they do not think about consequences and they do whatever they want to do at that very moment in time. A simple way to eliminate a major part of child abuse is to get rid of the alcohol being served to parents.

The alcohol companies could raise the price of booze and then it would make it harder for the average mom or dad to drink which would lead to less child abuse. Hearing of child abuse in friends' homes they have told me that they have seen alcohol turn into a weapon against them and the person who was holding the weapon was their very own parent or parents. All in all alcohol is no good for the after effects and should not be consumed by anyone.

As a parent, being unaware of the proper ways to discipline a child is unacceptable. Humans are capable of building a nuclear bomb, but then they do not know how to discipline their own child. There are many ways to discipline someone without hitting or abusing. Timeouts work effectively and allows a child...