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Nantucket- As the world turns each day different opportunities pass us by. We make choices, in which we think are best. Well I'm telling you right that whaling is the best choice to make.

You are a man in the business of entrepreneurship, am i right? And if you are in a rut and have you ran out of ideas for new business ventures? Then why not try a hand at whaling? What would you have to lose?

A lot, if you let this opportunity pass you by. Why, it could be the costliest opportunity cost of your life. Think about it, make tons of money on a sure-fire bet such as whaling or waste all your time and money on a venture that has no real good outcome for the future. Be a smart businessman and get the money you deserve.

But still, remember one thing, you have to spend money to make money.

All you have to do is throw a little money towards the cost of the boat, a little more for provision, and a little more for the cost of labor and you're all set. In a couple of years the money you've invested into those stuff could double even triple from the original amount.

Now whales are very scarce and hard to come by, because they are dying out, but that makes them all that much more valuable.