Why You Should Not Do Drugs

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Imagine you and your friends are out at a party and one of them picks up a cigarette. Then you see someone else drinking a beer. All of a sudden, one of them crashes to the ground and you hear sirens in the background. Do you want this to happen to you? Seven out of one hundred thirteen year-olds drank in the last month. You may not think that this is that many, but that is 315,000 thirteen year-olds! Underage drinking and drug consumption are problems that need to be addressed. Drugs can ruin your life before you reach your full potential. Teenagers and young adults should not consume drugs. Drugs are addictive, they can mess up your academic performance, and they can ruin your physical and mental health.

First, did it ever occur to you that drugs can be extremely addictive? They contain chemicals that affect the brain. 40% of those who start drinking at a young age will develop alcohol dependence. Half of all of the alcohol in the world is consumed by 5% of the population. This means that 350 million people consume extreme amounts of alcohol. With marijuana, those who begin using it at a young age have a 16% of becoming dependent on it. Unfortunately, teens who start consuming alcohol and using marijuana will be negatively affected in other ways as well.

Second, drugs and your academic life do not go well together. Consumption of drugs while underage will negatively affect your schoolwork. You could lose interest in school and friends; you could have fights with friends and be distracted. In addition to that, they kill brain cells and cause depression and anxiety. Drugs and alcohol can negatively impact your concentration and harm your brain. Obviously, drugs can distract and affect your academic life in...