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Do not Join the Orchestra Taking music classes or taking Advance Placement classes are two types electives that a student has to choose in high school. One can join the orchestra and learn about Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms; on the other hand, one can take up Advance Placement classes and get college credit, which may help a student graduate college quicker. Joining the orchestra would be a waste of time; it would reap no benefits and would not save you money.

Orchestra is a class that has no meaning to it. It is an unchallenging class, which give s student an easy "A" with no hard work involved. On the other hand, Advance Placement classes are more challenging, and it are requires student to do hard work. Advance Placement classes also work toward Advance Placement exams, which provide the student a goal to work towards; in orchestra, there is no goal in the musician's mind when playing the music.

Requiring no hard work, orchestra can help students get an "A" that will help their GPA by helping them get a 4.0. Advance Placement classes, however, helps the student achieve 5.0 GPA. Achieving the 5.0 GPA would be easy because if the student gets an "A" in the class, then ten points would be added to their grade, landing them to a 5.0 GPA. If it requires a lot of hard work, why would anyone want to take an Advance Placement class? It is because the 5.0 GPA will increase the student's chances of getting into college. The class will also teach the student two lessons: it teaches student to work hard and to dedicate towards something.

Students need to get more than knowledge from the textbooks from a class; they need to learn some morals that they can apply in the real world. While orchestra may teach the student about cooperation, teaching the student about hard work, teaching the student about the world around them and teaching the students about competition takes place in an Advance Placement class. The long homework proves that all the work done in the class can help the student in the Advance Placement exam and help get college credit. It shows the students that to work hard repays them give good results and promotes them to continue the hard work. The competition that the teachers put against every student gives the student pride in their work and the motivation to do better than the person before them does. The combination of all these skills and cooperation with others comes to a student as a natural thing; he does not need to take a useless class like orchestra to acquire those skills.

Picking an Advance Placement class over orchestra is a smart move because advance placement classes will save more money in college then orchestra will. Even though there are many scholarship opportunities, students only receive them if they have the talent of playing in the orchestra. However, in an Advance Placement class, if you pass the exam, then the student will save money since, he does not have to take the course again in college; there is always a slim chance that you may not receive a scholarship, but there is a guarantee that the student will receive credit if he passes the exam.

It is better to take an Advance Placement class over orchestra because Advance Placement class has more long term and short-term benefits than orchestra does. Not only it helps a student save money in college, but also teach him the value of hard work. Having to travel an uneasy road, Advance placement is worth all the trouble.