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Wicca has been know for centuries. although it has been called by different names and been more or less accepted. It was shunned in the middle ages. Witched where persecuted by the Christian church for practicing their religion. Wiccans go by many names. These names include; Pagan, neo-pagan druid earth child and many other names. Most witched today like to be called either wiccan or pagan. Some go by Neo-pagan though. Although most people don't understand the wiccan religion it is more widley accepted these days. Witches do not worship the christian "devil". There is no good or bad. Its all within. Everyone is everything. It teaches that we all all of eachother and we are all of their principle diety. Although most people today consider there to be one god wicca believes in many god principly. Although some wiccans believe in just one diesty The Goddess, and some believe in The Goddess and The god.

The Goddess is always the dominant one though.This is because wicca is an ancient earth religion. In which the head diety is a goddess. This particular religion is based off of drudic influence. Although it can have ties to Nordic, greek, roman, and egyptian dieties. Wiccan accepts all religions as the correct path. it is just a matter of finding the pth correct for you. Also, unlike the Christian religion which teaches conversion Wicca does not teach this. It is actually not incouraged to try and get someone to convert to your religion.