The Wierdest Sense of Humor.

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This is an English 101 essay, it is called an example essay. We were to pick one trait or characteristic of a person we know well and write about it by giving examples. I chose to write about my father's wierd sense of humor.

The Wierdest Sense of Humor.

It hit me all at once. It was October 21, 1992, the day that my brother and I laid my father to rest. While my brother was offering the eulogy, I took the opportunity to turn around and look behind me. I was completely shocked to see standing room only! The church was packed. It was a beautiful Thursday morning in Detroit. Most people would be at work or taking advantage of this gorgeous day. Not these people; these people were here; here attending my father's funeral.

As I gazed at the faces in that crowded church, (many I knew, many I didn't) I thought, "Wow, Maybe Dad didn't drive everyone nuts.

So many people here. He must have been loved."

My dad was a mechanical engineer for Ford Motor Company. He was also an electrical engineer, a pianist, and an athlete. He was a man of many talents but to me, his most endearing trait was his weird, sometimes warped, sense of humor.

Before I begin, I need to explain that my parents divorced when I was eleven years old. I lived with my dad in a suburb outside of Detroit. My dad was what one might call a "confirmed bachelor". I was the "typical teenager". Our home represented both of us. Most of the time there was nothing unspoiled in the refrigerator or nothing good or healthy to drink. Having explained that, I shall continue.

Many years ago on a Friday night in late spring, my...