The Wife of Bath

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The Wife of Bath, Women's Liberation in Business

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The Wife of Bath was a woman out of her time. She was overly dressed and used her beauty and experience with sex and men to make a name for herself. She was also a shrewd business woman

The Wife of Bath, Women's Liberation in Business

In Medieval times the era of Chaucer's writings, women were considered "inferior to men and took on the role of domestic responsibilities such as caring for children, preparing food and tending to the livestock." (women) Even Apostle Paul emphasized men's "authority over women, forbidding women from teaching and instructing them to remain silent." (women) However, there were some women who exercised power, providing a challenge to the stereotypical image of medieval women.

(women) The Wife of Bath was one such woman.

In "The Wife of Bath and the Painting of the Lions", The Wife of Bath, (Alyson) talks about a picture of a man killing a lion, and in the fable the lion states that if the lion had painted the picture it would have been much different. Alyson, I believe, painted her own picture. Alyson was herself a feminist in every sense of the word, she was very sexual, forwardly honest with her beliefs and ideas. She will speak her mind and not be afraid to do so. She would also use the Bible and its teaching to back her behavior and way of life. She believes sex is good and also uses sex to get what she wants from her husbands. She also talks about King Solomon and his many wives defending...