The Wife Of Bath - Canterbury Tales, how her story is still related to things happening today. Has a few vocab words in it because I had to use them but they can easily be taken out

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Wife Of Bath

The reason her tale really intrigued me is because even though she was telling a story based on the Mid-evil times, her incongruous story is still relevant today. In her tale a women gets raped and the man gets away with it. That still happens a lot to this day. You always hear on the news about some guy trying to have his way with the women... and he does. But the sad part is you never hear on how the person is caught. That's one thing about her story that I do not like at all! Because any man that abuses a woman is a coward.

Her story then goes on to the Knight that raped her has to go on and figure out the answer to a question given to him by the Queen. If he doesn't find the correct answer, he dies. The knight goes off on his journey, he finds an old, ugly witch, and he asks her the question. she says she will give him the answer but only if he promises one thing, which she won't tell him until later. When he finally takes the answer to the Queen, it just happen to be the answer she wanted to hear. That is when the old women revealed the "secret promise". He was to marry her. After he married her, he spent the first whole day out and away from his house, he did not want to go home to his new wife. When he did finally get home, she wanted to "make love" with him, but he did not want to He wanted this whole marriage thing to be a delusion.

After a little bit of the new married couple, she asks him a rather important question. She asked him if he'd rather have a pretty yet disloyal wife who will cheat on him or an ugly but loyal wife. He told her that it was totally up to her, which meant he was giving her "control". If that had happened to a man in our world today, you know that every guy would more than likely pick the pretty, disloyal wife. No guy in his right mind wants an ugly wife because the world today has guys growing up tenebrous and going on appearance only. Me personally, I want a wife that is beautiful in my eyes and if that is the only way she is beautiful then so be it, and also loyal.

So as you can see, the Wife of Bath tale can be told today and still have the same effect on people because everything in this story can still be related to events happening today.