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"Wife Swap" is a television program in which two families swap wives and mother for two weeks to introduce them to a new way of living. The Long family of Missouri and the Fowler family of California are two of the families featured on the show .The families are profoundly diverse, each with different traditions, life styles and values.

For both the Long family and the Fowler family, daily and weekly traditions create a solid distinction in who the family is. For the Long family, daily and weekly traditions consist of paint balling and riding their six all-terrain vehicles or "ATVs". Paint balling and riding the "ATVs" is an important factor of daily life and the four children, who are all boys, are raised to love it. On the contrary, the Fowler family's weekly physical activities account for most of their time spent together, as well as the family's most distinct tradition.

The children of the Fowler family, eight year old James, and eleven year old Juliette, are accustomed to the daily practice of school, homework, and extracurricular activities such as piano lessons and ballet.

The life styles of the Long and Fowler families are distinctly different. The Long family lives life for the present and does not plan for the future. Because of this "live for today attitude", the family does not care for their immediate health and for the education of the boys. The Long family eats fast food and processed food items daily and detests anything "you can find in your backyard" ,or, "Something' the cows would eat", such as salad and grains. The overall health of the family is frightful. Fifteen year old Cody weighs two hundred and seventy pounds and is at high risk of obtaining high blood sugar levels, which his father,