Wildlife Ecology and Management

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Wildlife Ecology and Management

Eric G Bolen, William L. Robinson

Pub 1995

The authors Eric G Bolen and William L Robinson have a personal and professional friendship. Both attended the University of Maine in the late 1950's. Since then, each has taught in various Universities covering different areas of wildlife ecology and management.

The book contained such a vast variety of information. I feel this book covered the most topics regarding wildlife management and all aspects of it. I found it to be the most knowledgeable of all the books I have read so far.

I discovered that wildlife management utilized ecological knowledge in ways that seek a balance between the needs of wildlife and the needs of people. Wildlife management actually emerged when Aldo Leopold published Game Management in 1933.

The loss of species is caused by human made extinctions in various ways. The results are irreversible. Some animals have disappeared forever in the wake of human disregard for the landscape.

This is just one of many mistakes that we must learn from.

With careful discoveries and research, wildlife management is steadily improving our knowledge of wildlife populations and their habitats. This should be a top priority goal for all of humanity.

Management of endangered species includes intensive efforts with captive breeding and foster parent programs, habitat preservation, and other tailor made approaches based on endangered species recovery plans.

Humans are also responsible both intentionally and accidentally introducing many organisms into new environments throughout the world. Many of these introductions of animals as well as plants have failed. The results are always destructive.

Wildlife in parks is guaranteed to enhance the recreational experience of the public. If humanity and animals are managed properly in these parks, wildlife may boost public understanding of ecological relationships. What the public seems to...