William Bradford and God's Divine Providence

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There are several examples of God's Divine Providence recorded by William Bradford in Of Plymouth Plantation. During their voyage they encountered many hardships that they were able to over come by the grace of God. Among the voyage was a young man, one of the seamen, which condemned and cursed the poor because of their sickness. Telling them that he hope to cast them in to the sea before the journey came to an end. In return, God punished the young man with a painful disease in which he died and was the first to be thrown overboard.

Along the voyage they encountered many cross winds and brutal storms which severely damaged their ship. Many feared that the ship would not be able to perform the voyage. Keeping the sake of their wages in mind they examined their options and decided to repair the ship. Fearing that the continuance of the voyage would be hazardous to their lives, they committed themselves to the will of God and decided to continue on.

As the people headed towards the Hudson's River looking for a place for their habitation, they came upon very deadly shoals and breakers finding themselves in great danger. Hoping to escape form those dangers before dawn, as by God's good providence they did.

During the search the poor people came across seed to plant corn in which they might have starved because they had none or any likelihood to get any until the season passed. This is yet another special providence of God that the people encountered among their voyage.