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Thesis: Was Shakespeare the true author of all the playwrights he has been credited with?

The question of whether or not Shakespeare actually wrote the famous plays and sonnets of "Shakespeare" was first brought forth in the late sixteenth century. The question began to known as "The authorship question." Over the years many candidates and theories have began to arise of who the true author of Shakespeare's works may be. There is an ample amount of evidence that proves that Shakespeare wasn't the authentic author of "Shakespeare's" works. There is also a great deal of evidence in support of Sir Frances Bacon, and Edward De Vere, as the authors of "Shakespeare's" works.

There is much evidence throughout Shakespeare's life that puts forth the doubt of him actually producing any of the works he is attributed with. Some examples are; his birth certificate, education, plays, portraits, and travel.

Perhaps one of the strongest theories to come forth on the true writer of "Shakespeare" has been known as the Baconian argument.

The argument was first brought forth in 1857, proposing that Francis Bacon was indeed the actual author of "Shakespeare". The argument also states that William Shakespeare was not the sole or prime writer. Some points in support of Bacon are; his knowledge on philosophy, "Northumberland Manuscript", same thoughts, phases, and expressions have been found.

There is much evidence to argue that Edward De Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, was in fact the man who wrote "Shakespeare". Case was first brought forward in 1920. So evidence in support of De Vere is; Venus and Adonis, composed, acted, and directed in same time period as Shakespeare, education, his coat of arms, nobility class, death.