William Shakespeare - An Issue of Fate

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A tragedy portrays a character who suffers extreme sorrow. William Shakespeare uses this aspect of tragedy to have great dramatic effects in his plays. An important role of tragedy in his plays is to provide an ambiguous shock with the fatal doom of the character to the audience through imagery or patterns. This is of particular importance because the motifs of fate are emphasized. Shakespeare not only writes tragedies, but also comedies, histories and poems. His use of poetry in his plays to show human emotions is considered one of the greatest accomplishments in literary history. What is phenomenal about William Shakespeare is not only his writing style, but his cultural influence to the world, whether in the field of drama or of poetry.

Over the centuries, speculation surrounding various aspects of Shakespeare's life has been aroused, including authorship and religious affiliation. No one is certain about his earlier life.

April the 23rd has been Shakespeare's accepted birthday. He attends grammar school in Stratford, where accepted as his birth place. There, he acquires some competence in Latin and a limited knowledge of English history. Shakespeare leaves Stratford for London in 1588 and by 1592 has become an established actor and playwright. Today, he is recognized as the greatest of all dramatists.

Shakespeare influences not only the modern writers, but also the directors, and us students. Modern writers treasure Shakespeare's dramatic writing style. Because of Shakespeare, directors have recognized the importance of exposition to rising action to the ending. His works have helped us students to appreciate the language English and understand character. Shakespeare also influences other different professions, as any kind of job is a form of communication to something. It is almost as if Shakespeare has left a path for us to follow, which later leads us...