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Destruction of the Environment William Stafford was an American short story writer and poet during mid to late 1900's. In his poetry he discussed the destruction of the environment, as an act characterized by humans to stockpile other humans while everything else suffers. Stafford suggests that human carelessness is an example, verified by his poem "Traveling Through the Dark". He also suggest that technology affects the environment, this is verified by many of his poems, including "At the Bomb Testing Site". Destruction of the environment can be phrased as anything that deals with changing nature and wildlife, due to new ideas or ways of living. In some situations, we do not fully understand technology and later on it creates problems far worse than before.

Destruction of the environment can have many causes; most of them deal with technology, new ideas and the invasion of humans into the natural habitats of many animals.

Nuclear bombs and weapons created in World War II to win the war. These were made without fully understanding the outcomes of radiation and poisoning from the testing of these weapons which killed many people and still ravage our lands. New roads and building are also being built in areas where the native animals need open space to live, away from human contact. In Arizona humans were killing many endangered wolves, where new roads had been built. As people were riding on these roads through the wolves' habitat, humans saw the wolves as a threat to other humans, so they killed the wolves. Another major cause of environmental destruction is human carelessness. In many cases human carelessness has caused great damage to the oceans through oil spills, such as in the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Nuclear power plant explosions in PA and Russia were also caused because...