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In the play, Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller born in New York City writes of Willy Loman and his family in this tragic play that starts with Willy and his favorite son Biff starting of as loving father and son. The two of them were best friends, maybe even better than Willy and his wife Linda Loman. Biff's father loved him so much that he doesn't recognize his other son Howard also known as Hap, for example when Biff had his big football game Willy didn't even notice that hap was there, he only used him to carry Biff's stuff for football. Willy's life as a salesman was long and hard. His goal was to pay of all his bills and finally be out of debt. Fighting between Willy and Biff was common, as Biff left home Willy was a wreck, all he could think about was Biff, but every time they were around each other they were constantly fighting.

As Linda tells Biff that Willy's attempting to commit suicide Biff immediately moves back home. Jobless and without a high school degree because he failed math Biff was left with no options but to get a job. As things heat up around the house Hap talks about opening a sports store with Biff. Willy was so happy and the two act as father and son again, but after that Biff notices that he is not cut out for selling merchandise and Willy is again a wreck and the father son relationship was ruined. That same night Willy lost his job, and his friend Charlie offers Willy a job but Willy doesn't accept. Willy's having flashbacks all throughout the book of his brother and back in the old days. One thing he heard a lot and liked was the phrase "I went into the jungle eighteen and came out a millionaire five years later". Willy was going crazy at this point. In the end Willy's unending love for his favorite some Biff ended with his life. Willy Loman's intense love for his favorite son, Biff, blinds him to the need Biff expresses for freedom from Willy's distorted thinking.

Willy's blindness due to distorted thinking led him to the normal father son relationship. Willy refuses to accept the common status for himself and his sons Biff and Howard. This common status that Willy talks about is being of the lower class, being on the bottom of everything, and also being disliked or thought of weird by many people. Willy refers to this salesman that he wants to be so much like that whenever he walked into a different city everyone new his name and at his funeral, over a hundred different salesmen from different states attended his funeral. That's exactly what Willy wanted and strived for his whole life. As Biff told Willy that he's not meant to be a salesman, Willy goes crazy and constantly keeps insisting that Biff is a salesman and will always be a salesman and a good one too. That's why Willy keeps on insisting that Biff sees Bernard one of his old friends to get a lone for his company. After he fails at that, that's when he knows that he's not cut out to be a salesman. After their big argument Biff tells Willy he's going to leave. That's always what biff wanted to have his freedom from his family. Linda tells him he has to leave. After all this Will Loman gets into his car late that night after Biff leaves his only son that he truly loved and commits suicide. He does this intending for the money from the insurance to go to Biff even when Biff walked out on his family for freedom, Willy's love for Biff as a Father still wanted Biff to receive the money from his suicide. The money meant for Biff went to Linda Loman. She used the money to pay of the house the refrigerator, and all there other debts. Linda did what Willy always wanted to do but couldn't accomplish not being in debt. Biff rejects his fathers distorted thinking. Biff doesn't know what Willy was really going through. Willy was going through a life where he loved his family so much and wanted to do everything right but failed as a father and as a supporter. Willy has flashbacks because he wants the future to be like the past .

In conclusion Willy Loman's intense love for his favorite son, Biff, blinds him to the need Biff expresses for freedom from Willy's distorted thinking. First Willy Loman loved his favorite son Biff so much he thought constantly about Biff and almost went crazy over the fact that Biff didn't want to play the role as the son anymore. Willy commits suicide due to the fact that Biff wants his freedom from his life that his father wants him to have, Next Linda was a character that when Willy was around his sons she was nothing. He talked to her like she was an animal, on the other hand when the two were alone he talked to her like she was a god. Next Biff rejects his fathers distorted thinking. He thinks that Willy has a problem. At times he here's him talking to himself. Biff just rejects the fact that his own father that he's so much alike but really tries not to be anything like him has a problem which Biff may have a problem also. In the end Willy Loman playing the father role fails as a father along with Biff failing as a son.