Wilson as a Peace Advocate Out of Touch with Reality.

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I preferred the essay "Wilson as a Peace Advocate Out of Touch with Reality" by Jan Wilhelm Schulte-Nordholt. In this essay, the author was conveying her opinion that Woodrow Wilson failed to win his peace movement in his time. She explained his presidency and political position of the president on the neutrality positions during the war. She provided the realism and idealism sides of the United States political parties. She supported her facts by direct quotes from the originator.

The thesis of the essay is Woodrow Wilson is the first world peace advocator. She stated her essay as follows, "I want to examine more closely the life of a man who sought a solution to problems that are still ours, and who was therefore the first great advocate of world peace." I agree with her statement fully. To this day, we faced with nuclear war that could destroy the other side of the ocean with one touch of a button.

We are working with a worldwide organization such as the United Nations to keep world peace through certain written regulations between conflicting countries. President Woodrow Wilson at his time did not have such organization to organize all these countries to meet, plan and work together. Amazingly, he can foretell the political future and came up with plans to keep peace.

The background of Woodrow Wilson is that when World War 1 occurred, he declared a policy of strict neutrality. Even though Americans had strong ties with Britain, Wilson was concerned with the sensitive issues of USA citizens who came with large number of people in the country from Germany and Austria. The author described President Wilson, "Like most great men, indeed like most people, Wilson was a bundle of contradictions... a scholar driven by deep feelings; a poet who found...