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Wiltech is a company founded in 1979. Its core business is the shavings products. It started to sell in the India market, which had some competitors as: Malhorta, Contron, Erasmic, and Gillette. Gillette is a potential strong competitor, which Wiltech was worried about its next moves in the market.

In 1983, Wiltech was facing some important issues, but its biggest concern was the actual sales with the introduction of a complete line of five products. The actual sales was far below what they expected, contrasting poorly to industry-wide sales.

To raise Wiltech's sales both managers Malay Chadha and Suresh Metha had to make some important changes in the whole marketing strategy, considering the pricing, advertising, and distribution. The most important goal for Wiltech is to become well established in the India Market, and it has to happen before others companies become more aggressive in the sales and marketing strategies. Wiltech had t information that an well known multinational competitor was planning to build a new plant in India.

Wiltech has a high quality image and reputation in the shaving market.

The Indian Market changed after the policies introduced in the country. Efforts to attract foreign investment and raise the standard of living, reducing the dominance of the public sector were attempts to growth and represented important social changes.

There were 15 major languages, 1,650 dialects and several religions in the whole country, so Wiltech really need to know the best channel and the kinds of consumers it wants to sell to.

There are enough research indicating that the majority of Indian males shaved each day and that it is considered to be a pre-requisite prior to beginning the day's activities. The data about sales quantity in urban area and rural area clearly shows that the demand for "Stainless Steel...