WiMAX feasibility study

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Running head: WiMAX feasibility studyWiMAX feasibility studyUniversity of PhoenixCMGT/52228 July 2009AbstractThe purpose of this paper is to determine the feasibility of implementing Wimax technology on Seattle. This paper will explore the feasibility of the following areas: Market, Technical, Financial, and Organizational. Based on the findings of this paper may determine whether or not WiMAX technology worth pursuing.

WiMAXIn today's portable on the go society, the ability to access and send information is in more of demand than ever before. The cell phone has become the prominent source in the way people communicate. Cell phone technology has grown expeditiously over the last ten years, but they still do not have the power of computer yet. WiMAX (worldwide inter-operability for microwave access) technology could offer a customer another means in which to communicate and access information wirelessly through the use of their own computer.

WiMAX™ is based upon the IEEE 802.16

standard enabling the delivery of wireless broadband services anytime, anywhere. WiMAX products can accommodate fixed and mobile usage models. The IEEE 802.16 standard was developed to deliver non-line-of-sight (LoS) connectivity between a subscriber station and base station with typical cell radius of three to ten kilometers. (Wimaxforum.org, 2009) Seattle would make a good candidate for the WiMAX technology due to its low infrastructure and high altitude.

Market FeasibilityMarket Feasibility includes a description of the current market, competition, and potential buyers. WiMAX technology would be a new product on the market. Current market data would have to be retrieve manually in order to determine a needs analysis and establish a target demographic. The Department of Labor website is good resource to gather preliminary data on the economic growth of the target market region. Independent polling will be conduct to assist in the needs analysis. Independent polling will conduct through...