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Types of Wind Energy

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Types of Wind Power Energy


First of all we have a look to the Rotor. Rotor is the device which with the help of shaft converts it into the mechanical energy. Secondly, we came toward the gearbox. With the help of it for generator rational velocity is increased. Now we will come to the generator, the generator is the most important is the device which most probably used into the wind power energy and the most common thing in this is that which is the most important thing is that it gives electrical energy to the plant. Now protection and control system comes which is the most fascinating thing because in some emergency condition and situation this indicates that we can control it and protect it from the loss. This also indicates that whether the turbine is properly working or not.

Now, we are moving towards the tower, so the function of tower is that it connects with the base of towers. At last the instrument comes which is known as foundation; in this fixing turbine on which base of turbine is standing into the ground strongly is the foundation.


There are mostly two types of wind power energy one is vertical axis and secondly is the horizontal axis and these all are mainly different with their shaft rotors and their rotations.

First of all, talking about the vertical axis that this vertical axis is not popular, fame and common as horizontal axis turbine, because the vertical axis is more famous than the horizontal axis. This axis only rotates vertically as this name indicates so the design and making, designing, manufacturing, creation and originality is fully different from the axis of horizontal. There...