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Essay by key50001 October 2006

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Windows XP Professional, the most recent client operating system release from Microsoft, has many advantages over its predecessors, making it the logical choice for implementation throughout Riordan Manufacturing.

Built on Windows NT architecture

* A true 32-bit operating system

* Fully protected memory

* Additional protection for the kernel and device drivers to prevent corruption

System Improvements

* System Restore allows the system to be reverted back to a selectable date

* Recovery Console allows administrators to perform advanced recovery tasks

* User State Migration provides a convenient mechanism to move user setting to a new computer

* Safe Mode options are available to troubleshoot startup problems

* Application Compatibility enhancements allows XP to run hundreds of programs that Windows 2000 failed to operate

* Automatic install and update latest security and software from Microsoft (with SP2)

* Start and log on computer faster

* Perform several task at one time without missing a beat

Software Enhancements

* Fewer reboots required when installing new software

* Easier installation and program removal routines

* Genuine multitasking architecture provides stable performance when running multiple applications

* Safer Browsing with Internet Explorer.

* Make browsing more enjoyable with dramatically fewer pop-up ads.

* Provide better protection from potentially harmful downloads.

* Assist you in finding and controlling Internet Explorer add-ons.

* Stop scripts that resize or reposition windows without your permission.

* Offer stronger security for your PC with built-in security enhancements.

* Safer E-Mail Handling with Outlook Express

* Screen unsafe e-mail attachments that could potentially spread viruses.

* Block some images that might confirm your e-mail address to spammers.

* Internet Explorer Add-on Manager prevents add-on applications from crashing the browser

* Supports several multimedia environments including radio, streaming video, and conferencing

* New user interface allows easier access to...