Windows 2000 Server Project

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IntroductionWindows 2000 Server is the next version of Microsoft's network operating system, the successor to Windows NT. In the initial phases of its development, it was referred to as Windows NT Server 5.0, but it was subsequently renamed Windows 2000 prior to its release. Nearly every aspect of this operating system has changed, with old features reworked to make them easier to use and understand, and hundreds of new features added.

With Windows 2000 Server at the heart of network, we can provide a range of services that any modern company needs such as: file and print, security, Internet access, client support, communication services, and a range of application services and support. (Hayden, 2001)HistoryDeveloped from the start as a network operating system, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server continues to improve its presence on networks and Internet. Microsoft is following the worldwide trend of using the Internet for as much as possible.

Windows 2000 Server will help companies make better use of their Internet connections. By providing support for additional standardized features of TCP/IP, Microsoft has improved the performance of its premier network operating system both for communications with other Windows systems and with UNIX systems. Technologies such as virtual private networks (VPNs) will allow organizations to reduce costs without sacrificing security. The routing features built in to Windows 2000 server allow those server to act as routers, with graphical user interfaces far superior to those of hardware-based routers The new Quality of Service (QoS) standards allow more consistent and reliable networking, especially when using real -time audio and video (Northup, 1999).

In the beginning, there was LAN Manager. This product provided part of the foundation of Windows NT 3.1 advanced Server. Windows NT 3.1 Advanced Server shared the same user interface and many of the same applications as Windows 3.1, but...