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Windows Server 2003 is the newest operating system in production that design for business user. The design is based on the best of Windows 2000 Server technology that include several improvements that cover management, deployment and usability. In addition, enhanced security, reliability and simplified administration feature also part of the enhancements to provide control over resources across the enterprise.

Below are the features and benefits for Windows Server 2003 product line:

Clustering features has been introducing since Windows 2000 Server technology and has been continuing support on the 2003 product since the benefits improve server function and reliability. Same as the prescussor that include network load balancing clusters and server clusters.

Files Services features that including CHKDSK, Diskpart and Diskraid, Content indexing, Disk Defragmenter tool, Encrypting File System (EFS), FAT32 on DVD-RAM, File Replication Service (FRS), Folder redirection, GUID partition table (GPT), Old-Encrypting File system (EFS)-Old, Services for Macintosh, Shadow copies of shared folders and services, Storage area network support, Virtual Disk Service, Windows SharePoint services.

Some of the news feature such as

* FAT32 on DVD-RAM allows FAT32 to be recognized, mount and format on the DVD-RAM disk.

* File Replication Services (FRS) is a new MMC snap-in that supports removal of replication filtering, it provide modification and viewing capability on FRS configuration. It also allow user to create topologies on this services as well.

* Folder redirection allow administrator redirect user's My Documents folder to their home directory through group policy.

* GUID partition table is the new features to improved data structure with redundant partition tables that include backup table.

* Old-Encrypting File system (EFS)-Old include the newer feature in Windows Server 2003 R2 that allow additional users to access encrypted files, offline files and store encrypted file in web folders.

* Services for Macintosh provide...