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IntroductionI will be discussing Microsoft's upcoming Operating System, Windows Vista. The beta version of Windows Vista has been in circulation for quite some time now and many people have noticed a big improvement but noticed many similarities to other operating systems. In fact there are many people claiming that Vista is nothing more than a poor duplication of the Mac's Operating System OSX. Vista will require a minimum of 513MB of RAM and a graphics processor compatible with the Vista Display Driver Model. These minimum requirements alone will turn away many users due to the fact that their computers will not meet these standards. Although, there are many impressive additions and modifications that Vista has added. I will go over the key differences that Vista holds over its predecessor XP as well as how I believe that Vista will hold up in our computer world today.

Microsoft unveiled its creation of their new innovation Windows Vista in the year 2005.

This new Operating System was announced to have better features than its predecessors and be the biggest improvement to Windows since their upgrade to Windows 95. Windows Vista is still going to use the classic GUI-interface with user-friendly icons and many manual controls for the system that will make managing the system more straightforward.

Some of the new features available in Window's Vista include a wide variety of functions. Vista will add more security features that will allow the user to use the system freely without continuously supervising the system. New features like Windows Imaging, the application compatibility toolkit, and the pre-installation environment will make desktop deployment a great deal easier and faster. There will be a higher connectivity and synchronization rate with peripheral devices such as camera's, mobile devices, etc. The new Internet Explorer 7 will be available to...