Windows vs. Macintosh: Who will win?

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This question seems to be a "Great PC debate". And nevertheless each side will always have its opponents and supporters as in any of perpetual controversies of humanity. But what made every individual personality to hold certain opinion? Is it really a simplicity and easiness in working on definite workstation or just its popularity among the overwhelming majority of one's entourage representatives?

Microsoft history started in 1980 whereas the Macintosh OS's began its development in 1984. This disparity which amounts to 4 years cannot but have an influence on the development of both operating systems and the popularity of using them by personalities, offices, enterprises etc. And your choice of one or another operating system depends on what you need, what you prefer and what you wait for from your computer.

Sometimes it is very hard to compare these two monsters in peculiar world of new technologies. Those, who use Windows, accuse users of Macintosh of being imperious and dyed-in-the-wool conservative Macintosh users blame for the same Windows users.

But what are those differences that spur on people debates. Windows system gives you freedom in operation, it is more flexible, while Macintosh is more rigid, not springy and exactly that is why it is more reliable. If you need an operating system that practically never crashes, your choice must be a Macintosh. And if you need a system that can give you a free hand and mutability, choose Windows unhesitatingly.

From the technical side every computer is built of hardware and software (various programs). So, let's talk about these layers in order to understand the difference between Windows and Macintosh.

Except the motherboard, the hardware systems for both operating systems are substantially the same as they use into the equal types of hard drives, memory and other components that...